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My Happy Dog & Me 

FUN’damental Skills Ready for Life Together

Ready for a fun filled life together?

It’s time to develop Puppy & Dog Skills that make being together a great experience for everyone.

With My Happy Dog & Me I’m here to support and help you understand

what your puppy or dog needs from you, their Epic Parent. 

Epic Pet Parent to a Happy Dog Solihull

Puppy & Dog Skills for Life

I’m so passionate about helping dog owners understand their dogs, looking into the why and how we help them learn so they become confident and resilient members of the family, how your dog feels is super important and underpins what behaviours present themselves to us. Skills for Life are for all the family to enjoy. Building bonds through relationship-focused learning.

Private Coaching - 121 Training My Happy Dog & Me, Solihull Dog Trainer

Private Coaching Programmes

If you want more of a tailored and professional speacialised programme to help you reach your goals, the Private 121 Coaching has a range of in-person sessions to make sure you keep on track and develop those much-needed skills at a rate with which you and your dog feel comfortable.

Adventures with your Happy Dog

My Happy Adventure Dog & Me

BE’yond the basics is really focusing on those wishing to be getting out with their dogs and enjoying the great outdoors, from walking in the fells, camping holidays, luxury glamping holidays to sitting in the pub after an adventure enjoying a rewarding drink and bite to eat. These skills take you beyond the FUN’damental Skills ready for all those adventures.

Grab yourself this FREE GUIDE to

Adventures With Your Dog 

My Happy Dog & me, Adventures with your Dog

Together we can create

My Happy Dog, which is everyone’s dream!

Having a dog is more than a pet, it’s another member of the family

we want to share this adventure we call life with the whole family.

But it doesn’t always go to plan! 

  • Do you dream of a peaceful time at a coffee shop stop mid-walk? 

  • Do you want a worry-free walk through the woods without being pulled?  

  • Do you dream of your dog experiencing the feeling of Off Lead Joy?

It doesn’t have to feel so out of reach

  • No need to feel so overwhelmed in coffee shop stops

  • No more feeling like your arms coming out of it’s socket!

  • No need to get anxious about letting your dog explore on an adventure

How I hear you ask!

I can help you develop the right skills for a life of adventures,

I will help your dogs enjoy their adventures big or small.

I’m super Happy you’re here…. now are you ready

to experience something different? 


Life is an Adventure

     Do you want your pup to feel the same? 

With the core FUN’damentals in place, every day

Feels like an Adventure!


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