Terms and conditions of booking

By making a booking, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and fully accept our terms and conditions as detailed below:


  • Booking confirms your attendance for your chosen Group Coaching Course or Private Coaching. Please make every effort to attend each session you’ve booked, failure to do so is not the responsibility of My Happy Dog . If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible.

  • When enrolling on a course and time allows before the first class or consultation, we will send you confirmation of your booking. This will confirm payment, start date, and give other information pertinent to your booking.

  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they attend on the correct date, time and place for the classes according to the information provided by the instructor. Due to Covid 19 venues may change and we ask for flexibility and to keep up to date with any changes via the Facebook Group or Emails.

  • If we have another LOCKDOWN then any pre-booked Group Sessions or Private Coaching will be running via ZOOM and not deferred to another time or date. It is your responsibility to attend the ZOOM session. There will be NO REFUNDS.

Fees and Prices For Classes

  • In enrolling on a Course the full course fee must be paid in advance of joining the class by a method acceptable to My Happy Dog.

  • Failure to pay in a timely fashion may result in your place on the course being given to another client, small classes mean places are limited and by not paying you may lo0se your place. Price advertised at the time of booking applies.

  • Subscriptions are on a Monthly Fee and it’s your responsibility to end the subscription before the time of the Fee is required failure to unsubscribe means you will be charged again.

Fees and Prices For One to One’s (Private Coaching)

  • The Programme fee must be paid in advance of the scheduled date by a method acceptable to My Happy Dog.

  • Failure to pay in a timely fashion may result in your session being given to another client if you’ve not informed My Happy Dog of alternative payment methods.

  • Payment Plans are to cover the duration of a programme, failure to make payment will be in breach of contract. Once a programme has been started there is no refund available.
  • Subscriptions are managed by the customer, to cancel a subscription you can manage your booking to do this. The monthly allocation of Coaching Sessions or call should be monitored by the customer to secure sessions.
  • Price advertised at the time of booking applies.

Group Coaching session attendance

As an IMDT member and APDT Member, My Happy Dog abides by a Code of Ethics. Included in this is an agreement to work within the Professional Limits and agree to refer an owner with needs beyond the limits to a suitable Professional.

  • Puppy Club offers Fusion Programmes, this consist of Online Learning Modules that is your responsibility to work through and an optional Monthly Group Session, for optimum results, we hope that you will attend Group Sessions to support your Online Learning. Unless advised by My Happy Dog due to Venue having prior commitments or My Happy Dog is away on Training Days or Holidays.

  • Group Coaching Clinics running monthly require full payment to secure your place, failure to attend does mean losing out on your fee. If weather changes we will run via ZOOM which you must attend. If we have a further LOCKDOWN or the VENUE has restrictions in place I will also run the session via ZOOM.

  • Workshops & FUNactivities are paid in full when booking, failure to attend does mean losing out on your fee. If weather changes and makes it difficult to teach I will try to reschedule. If you are unable to make a revised date, the credit will be added to your customer account used for My Happy Dog.

  • All puppies/dogs must be vaccinated. If you are unsure about vaccinations please consult your vet directly. If choosing not to Vaccinate a full health check from your Vet is required.

  • Occasionally, we may find that a group environment does not suit a dog or owner. Full discussion over the best way to proceed will be undertaken and this may result in us making alternative arrangements to assist you.

  • Children are encouraged to attend classes, but during any COVID 19 restrictions, this will be limited as per the Group Class Protocol issued at the time.

  • All children must be under the supervision of a responsible adult who must agree to prevent them from disturbing the process of learning during group coaching. We reserve the right to ask disruptive children not to attend future session.

  • We make every effort to ensure the safety of both clients and dogs during the group sessions. By making a booking, you are accepting that participating in an activity with dogs, children and adults poses a risk of injury to yourself and your dog, and you agree to indemnify My Happy Dog for all personal injury and damage to property owned by you while attending the group training classes. You also agree to make any person who accompanies you to the class aware that they are also there at their own risk.

  • Missed classes cannot be taken by joining another course.

Group Coaching Sessions/Premises Rules

All results are down to your commitment and consistency to help modify your dog’s behaviour.

All advice is based on the most up-to-date, proven and effective Science-Based Training Methods which uses Natural, Kind and Positive Training Methods.

  • All dogs must remain on lead and kept away from contact with other dogs within the premises unless specifically instructed by the tutor.

  • All instances of accident or injury must be reported to the instructor at the time they occurred.

  • Harnesses (except anti-pull types) are permitted in class.

  • Flexi leads are not permitted in class to avoid injury to others.

  • Head collars are not permitted in class to avoid injury to the dog’s neck and to avoid distraction during training.

  • The following items are NOT PERMITTED in classes under any circumstances:

    • choke chains, slip leads and/or check chains of any description;

    • electronic training collars including anti-bark/citronella;

    • any other device that causes discomfort, pain or fear to the dog;

    • prong or pinch collars;

    • any equipment that the instructor deems unacceptable.

  • The use of physical force and punishment-based training techniques are not permitted in My Happy Dog Coaching Sessions.

  • Because we operate our classes using a very low instructor-to-dog/handler ratio, refunds may not be given for any cancellations unless the place can be filled by another client. Subject to filling the place, our refund policy is:

  • Notice* of cancellation received within:

    • 4 weeks (20 working days) of course start date – full refund

    • 3 weeks (15 working days) of course start date – 50% refund

    • 2 weeks (10 working days) of course start date – 25% refund of course costs

    • within 1 week (5 working days) of course start date – 0% No refund given

Private Coaching Consultations/ Home Training Programmes

You must notify me if you or any of your family members are unwell or in isolation for COVID 19.

You must notify My Happy Dog if your dog has a history of biting or nipping another dog or person.

If your dog is fearful/nervous or shows any reactivity to people entering your home, you must ensure the safety of My Happy Dog is of priority and take advice from My Happy Dog on a reasonable procedure to carry out a consultation, this may be advised for a ZOOM session rather than sessions in person.

All results are down to your commitment and consistency to help modify your dog’s behaviour. The investment and commitment along with consistency to work on all areas of your guidance throughout your 12 or 16 week programme in-between visits from My Happy Dog and completing your advised exercises and keeping in contact with My Happy Dog regarding your progress via trackers.

For any “Happy Hub Subscriptions” your ongoing progress will be either through your Essence/Progressive, Intense or Ultimate Subscription, it is your responsibility to work through modules as per your chosen level of support.

All advice is based on the most up-to-date, proven and effective ethical, Science-Based Training Methods which use Natural, Kind and Positive Training Methods in line with the Institute of Modern Dog Training, Association of Pet Dog Trainers forming part of the UK Behaviour & Training Charter and as a Registered Animal Instructor.

All Behaviour Modification Notes and Supporting Documents are between the Client & My Happy Dog, sharing of these documents outside of the consented establishments is prohibited and could result in legal action.

Where restrictions change due to COVID 19 we will arrange to run the session via ZOOM.

Refunds and Cancellations

  • There are no exceptions. *Notice of cancellation must be provided in writing & acknowledged by My Happy Dog.

  • There will be no refund for cancellations due to lack of vaccination or no vaccination card. It is your responsibility to have your puppy/dog fully vaccinated and health warranted.

  • There will be no partial refunds for missed classes.

  • There will be no refunds for incompleted Programmes.


  • You/your family and your puppy or dog may be photographed and/or filmed during the training classes for research, teaching and advertising purposes.

  • If you do not consent to your photograph/video being used for commercial purposes, such as on booklets produced by My Happy Dog or on our website or facebook pages, please let your instructor know.

  • Unless you state otherwise, your consent for use of your photographs is implied.

  • Please note: all users will be anonymous, other than your dog’s name