Here’s what our happy dog owners had to say about our services:

Sizes of classes; many of the local training courses operate large groups which I do not agree with as dogs cannot concentrate in such an environment and their handlers/owners cannot get any useful amount of individual support.

Training should be enjoyable and fun for both the dog and it’s handler/owner which is what My Happy Dog deliver.

I was worried we would fail not owning a dog before and having a child that never wanted anything but a dog for 9 years.

The reality is; I was blown away after 5 mins of meeting you by how supportive you and knowledgeable and caring you were.

I did a lot of research looking at trainers – I wanted to do more with Lola and strengthen our bond/have fun but I was so worried about going somewhere and being told to do something aversive/forceful with her! I was worried about how she would behave in a class environment and as I’m shy I was worried about being put on the spot for activities with people watching!

Almost immediately at our first class all of my worries were forgotten. With the industry changing each day, it’s inspiring to see My Happy Dog at the forefront of it all, learning and adapting to the latest science-based methods and ideas.

Ellie & Lola

Seth was 3 when I first took the plunge and went to My Happy Dog Training & Behaviour and OMG what a fabulous experience! None of the regimented training I had experienced at other clubs, which to be honest put me off training. Charlotte has extensive knowledge about all things dog and exudes a passion for ensuring positive reward based training which totally shines through when attending a class.

All sessions are small (ensuring plenty of quality time), fun packed and rewarding (for both dog and owner).

Sonya & Seth

Charlotte is an amazing dog trainer. I would say she has a very special gift. Her wealth of knowledge and experience means you get so much more than just training, Charlotte shares her knowledge with you too. From day one we have learned so much. I find Charlotte is always available and extremely approachable – nothing is too much trouble! The amount of effort she puts into the classes and social events is amazing! I would highly recommend ???❤️

Linda & Burt

Charlotte has been great! She offers so many different classes for every possible dog training need. The classes are really fun and both me and Archie have learnt so much from Charlotte. She is so helpful and accommodating to everyone who comes to classes and is always willing to tailor classes to benefit you the most. Her training has got us off to a brilliant start with Archie and although he’s already quite well behaved, I keep going with classes as much as possible because we both love it so much. If I could go to one of Charlotte’s classes every day I would.

Laura & Archie
I can highly recommend Charlotte, she is so passionate about her work and clearly loves dogs. As first time dog owners I don’t know what we would have done without her invaluable help. She always goes above and beyond. Most importantly Freddie loves her! Thank you Charlotte.
Clare & Freddie ,
Charlotte is absolutely wonderful. She is patient and kind and my pup adores! I have actually really enjoyed the puppy socialisation and have learnt a great deal from Charlotte and hope to continue training with her! Thanks x
Jen & Basil

Charlottes knowledge and experience helped us as a family to really enjoy learning about our dog. She gave us the tools and skills to understand his behaviour and to really enjoy our walks together, and to truly embrace his character.
Highly recommend My Happy dog. 🐾🐾

Alison & Obi

A truly amazing training experience. So supportive and positive and always ready to guide you through the next step in your dog training journey. Small, fun classes run in a very friendly way. My dog is addicted and so am I.

Only wish we had started out with My Happy Dog from the beginning. A variety of classes, 1:2:1’s, workshops, social works and more.

Charlotte is highly qualified and always up to date with the latest science in the Canine world. This shows through in all her teaching and advice. Well worth the money.

Sue & Theo
So glad we found Charlotte. She offers focused, gentle and positive training. She has worked wonders for us!
Debbie & Henry

Have enjoyed and learned so very much over the past few weeks. Charlotte is totally amazing and has a wealth of knowledge backed up by oodles of passion for her work. She clearly loves what she does and this shines through. Owners and puppies alike have great fun, fabulous positive experiences and it’s fabulous to be part of a community of like-minded people … and to learn the absolute power of sausages! Thank you, Charlotte … from both Alfie George and Susie x

Susie & Alfie George

We are very lucky to have had Charlotte recommended to us as with her help and puppy class, we have been shown how to give our puppy, Louis, the best start in his life to make him a happy and stress-free dog.

We will be booking further classes as it is important to keep up the training and we can’t recommend her highly enough.

Sue & Louie

Charlotte Steele

Your Instructor

Head Canine Coach – Charlotte

Coaching Puppy’s and Dogs as a Qualified Instructor since 2015 for the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, I also qualified with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers in 2017 then with Absolute Dogs as a Pro Dog Trainer in 2018.  I also qualified as Instructors for Scentwork UK and Canine Hoopers.  I’ve continued to develop my understanding with many different courses focuses on TTouch with courses from Sarah Fisher, Separation Anxiety with Julia Naismith, Behaviour Modification with Chirag Patel and many courses with IMDT & IMDTB. I’ve completed courses with ICAN and continue to evovle attending yearly conference with all the leading and inspiring people of the Modern and Ethical world of Dog Behaviour and with the Pandemic meaning alot of learning can be done remotely I’ve over indulged in courses to keep my development topped up and enhanced with the most current research and understanding with everything Dog related.

I also invest in my own development with being part of Coaching world to help me to help offer you all the very best of support and guidance whilst also looking after myself.

I really enjoy coaching my own pup through puppyhood and now adolescents, we have Private Gun Dog training and have attended Hooper Workshops and I’m looking forward to getting Diggory to other workshops this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

I work with Puppy Parents from the day your puppy lands in their new home. It’s never too early to prepare and do offer a Preparing for Puppy Consultation.

Currently, all group activities in person are for teams working with me on a programme.

I like to talk to all those interested about starting a journey with me to make sure what I offer is suitable. So best to book a Discovery Call so we can go through the programme in detail.

We welcome families to attend any in-person sessions, those that are having consistent contact and helping with the training.

All of the details will be explained in full when we talk through the offering, I use a booking system where you can pay directly through the system.

The sessions usually last around 45-60 mins but all the details on the programme will be discussed depending on your needs.

I currently work around Solihull & Warwickshire, for those further afield I do offer remote sessions or do ask for reimbursement for travel expenses.

We will always look a little deeper into this as part of your programme, finding out what motivates YOUR dog will be part of our journey.

A good fitted harness will be a harness that is described as a Y-Front fitting and ideally have 2 points of contact for your lead. I love the Perfect Fit Harnesses and I can provide a fitting during our session.

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