Quick fix for training recall

Quick Fix for your RECALL

Thank you for taking a look, but guess what…… nothing in life comes easy and that includes a reliable, safe and rapid recall!!

Working towards a reliable recall involves a rich tapestry of skills that doesn’t happen overnight or by just rewarding your dog every time they come back to you.

I really wish I could tell you it is and for some dogs, it will be enough,  but if you have a dog that loves to be outside, they get very excited on their walks and they have a love to explore or hunt, then there also comes a higher risk of your dog not having the skills to be able to think properly, this includes being able to hear you and therefore not much chance on them responding reliably to you.

So when you’re shouting after your dog and you feel they’ve gone DEAF, it can really be like that for them, not being able to hear you clearly or think about what it is you actually want, I often refer to it a bit like children at the Wacky Warehouse and they are zooming around happily and you’re trying to get them off the obstacles as you need to go and they just continue to run around, when they eventually come down and parents are saying “didn’t you hear me?” they children are a bit glazed over, spilling their drinks and dropping their cheesy wotsits as their mechanics go a little when they loose their head on the inflatables!! the skill to remain composed and hear their parents becomes a little harder when super excited, bit like what happens to our dogs….. it takes time to develop the skills of being able to compose yourself enough to think and then learn how to respond to instructions like your recall or walking calmly on the lead, no quick fix here I’m afraid.

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