Well….. here’s the thing!! it’s more than a cookie here and there when your dog comes back to you, so if you’re looking for a quick fix, then you need to look at my services for a QUICK FIX !

For the rest of you who are interested in developing a long-lasting, kind and effective solution, there’s so much to consider, to do this it does take longer to invest in the rich tapestry of skills for your dog. Recall is so much more than just coming back to you. We want to develop skills for all the components required along with building your confidence in understanding what your dog needs.


  • How your dog feels about turning away from something they really want to chase.
  • How your dog feels about turning away or ignoring other dogs in the park and people with treats in their pocket
  • How your dog feels about turning and coming away from a very interesting smell of fox poop!

When we think of all these natural behaviours we’re asking our dog not to take part in, you start to feel a little more aware of the massive task we are asking of them, to which we then may offer a bit of a treat that’s at the bottom of your pocket, covered in tissue or other delights that dare live in that pocket!!!

It’s not even that the treat may or may not be that valuable but more that it just didn’t hit the spot of fulfillment for your dog in that moment.

Your dog has a functional system that is driven by such a force, his “instinct”, that chasing after that squirrel or cat may have just been the thing they wanted to do that day, achieving that level of fulfillment but wasn’t quite able to complete the task.


If I could relate to that disappointment your dog may feel, I’d ask you to think back to being a child. Were you ever asked to leave a party early when all your friends were still bouncing on the bouncy castle, eating party food and enjoying the party games?  Then as you’re told you’re leaving you glance over to your friend doing back flips and another fulling against the walls of the bouncy castle, they hand you a party bag…. to which you accept whilst holding back your tears of frustration and sadness to leave.

It would feel rubbish despite the party bag you get to take home with you, as it wasn’t what you wanted to do, the party bag no longer seemed rewarding! Those feelings of disappointment or an overwhelming sadness as you have to leave early.


Should I Stay or Should I go?

Your dog may just feel this same disappointment when asked to not indulge in chasing that cat or playing with another dog, if we stop to think how many times we’ve used are recall in situations that mean our dogs had to stop doing something awesome, we can start to empathise with the fact their history of hearing you recall normally means all that good stuff stops!!! would you be eager to return to someone if you knew you were going to feel that way?

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want my dog to feel like I’m the party pooper or indeed I intentionally make him feel that way.

If there are ways in which I can change how that recall makes my dog feel, then I’m there 1000% to change it as their short life should be full of fulfillment, happy adventures and joy when off-lead and on.

If you too want the experience and knowledge to help you feel confident when your dog is off-lead, knowing they are safe and you want to know more about how to bring that joy of off-lead to your adventure let’s chat, you can book a call HERE.


The process of building a reliable recall starts with some important fact finding…… to ensure that the “party bag effect” doesn’t impact our dogs, we need to find out how to ensure our dogs are not only motivated to return to us, but to also make sure they are getting fulfilled to all the things they love, which means we need to find out what they really love along with how to help our dogs and when.

A great way to understand these factors is to take part in “BE YOUR DOGS DETECTIVE” which you can do by registering for some of my free resources.

Give a Gift is for those wanting to learn more and for that I reward you.

Follow my Give a Dog a Gift – 3 Day Dog Detective Challenge, to find out a bit more about your dog which can really help when it comes to rewarding and motivating your dog.

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Good luck and enjoy the journey, everyday is an adventure and it always feels better when our dogs are Happy.

Happy Adventures everyone.

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