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    Adventure Dogs need Super Skills

    BE’yond the Basics

    Super Sassy Skills are here to add some extra Sass to your

    FUN’damental Skills

    The FUN’damental Skills are there to develop the basics and once in place, it’s time to add in some extra skills to help you and your dog enjoy all that comes with sharing all your adventures with your dog.

    I’m passionate about getting more people outside on walks in nature and enjoying exploring new places with a Happy Dog so everyday walks with their dog feel easier, more enjoyable for everyone and most importantly keep our dogs safe.

    These targeted courses help you to develop the skills that really make a difference to your adventures, from Off Lead Joy to On Lead Joy.

    It can feel very overwhelming working on these skills and the skill that underpins all of the above, success to settle, this in itself can help with many struggles our dogs have.

    I’d love to tell you more about these courses, make sure you sign up or book a call to talk through how I can support you.

    Adventures with your dog, Solihull Dog Trainer


    This course is a MUST  have for those all-important moments of OFF LEAD JOY that dogs should be able to enjoy, understand what skills are required for you and your dog to enjoy those moments of joy together with confidence. Register to hear how you can get started.

    Adventures with My Dog - Beyond the basics - Walking Calmly on Lead


    When it comes to walking together calmly there are many skills covered in this content to help you enjoy the great outdoors together with confidence. If walking through the woods or your local National Trust leaves you feeling like you need new arm sockets. Register to hear how to get started.


    Learn how to help your dog feel more calm and settled where ever you are. If your dog struggles with this skill it can impact all of your other skills. For me, whilst on any adventure, the ability to settle, and compose themselves is a gift that keeps coming.  Learn all that you need to help your dog have Success to Settle. Register to hear how to get started.


    Adventures are way more fun when you and your dog are connected and have worked on ways to keep your dog’s needs met and fulfilled whilst building bonds with these fun games for you and your dog that can easily be taken out on any adventure for you both to enjoy together, register for more details.

    Charlotte Steele

    Your Instructor

    Charlotte the head Canine Coach and Creator of Canine Contentment, being the director of fun & frolics and founder of the successful Programmes. Charlotte coaches all group sessions online and in person and speaker for all Webinars. Charlotte is the developer of all online resources via FUN’damentals 12 Week Plan & any Private Coaching or Mini Programmes. All services forms part of your learning experience with My Happy Dog & Me.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    As soon as you pick your puppy up, learning is abundant, when we are working on skills for life, we help create skills that work for us living with our puppy and preparing them for the adventures ahead of us.

    You chose your level of support, either VIP or Group support. By purchasing you are committed to investing your time in the process. Both support levels of the FUN’damental Plan include an Initial Strategy Call. The call will get you started and help with any particular struggles you and your pup are experiencing. These calls are remote and will be booked in at the nearest availability usually within 3-4 weeks. You will get instant access to your Plan and can start working your way through Modules in your own time.

    Let’s chat and discuss what your struggles are, so I can advise you to the appropriate support for you and your dog, you can book a call HERE

    Working online, your resources and attending any LIVE calls are best viewed on a tablet or desktop, but can be accessed via your phone. If you’re attending an in-person session, you will be told what to bring or have set up for each session. If you have a Happy Box, you will be supplied with lots of interactive equipment to keep your learning FUN and Fabulous.

    The content will drip feed to you over 12 weeks, you get to keep all the resources for life so if you fall behind, you can jump back in and access the community to keep you on track.

    Yes, once working on your plan, you can add on in-person sessions as and when you need them, these can be at my secure venue or I come to your home.

    Like anything, the results are governed by the investment of your time and commitment to the plan. These FUN’damentals are great starting points for so many, who carry on with My Happy Dog & Me to build on their core FUN’damentals.

    Don’t worry, all LIVES are recorded and stored in a LIVE Vault for you to rewatch at your convenience and you can view past content as well as current if you really want to Geek Out.


    Here’s what our happy dog owners had to say about our services:

    Would highly recommend. My Happy Dog is so much more than dog training classes, it’s a way of life! Charlotte is enabling me to develop my puppy into a happy, confident dog and me into a responsible dog owner.

    Charlotte offers a range of ethical training programs to suit you and your dogs needs and is always available to answer your questions and guide you through your training. We love going to the training sessions which are small groups and lots of fun. Thank you Charlotte.

    Andrea & Ralph, Puppy & Dog Coaching Programmes

    Would highly recommend !!! Charlotte is fantastic, very patient and just totally knows what to do! Has helped me understand the needs of my nervous puppy, I’m a 100% sure I will be back for more advise and look forward to more socialization walks

    Thank you Charlotte

    Selina & Alpha, Puppy Home Training Programme

    Only two sessions in with Charlotte and we’re amazed….can’t wait for session 3!

    Yvonne & Lola, Behaviour Modification Programme

    Thoroughly recommend my happy dog, Mario loved the walks and classes and learnt some very key skills. Charlotte is a dog whisperer!

    Kirsty & Mario, Puppy Socialisation & Training Programme

    Seth was 3 when I first took the plunge and went to My Happy Dog Training & Behaviour and OMG what a fabulous experience! None of the regimented training I had experienced at other clubs, which to be honest put me off training. Charlotte has extensive knowledge about all things dog and exudes a passion for ensuring positive reward based training which totally shines through when attending a class. All sessions are small (ensuring plenty of quality time), fun packed and rewarding (for both dog and owner).

    Sonya & Seth, Dog Group Coaching & FUNactivities

    Charlotte is a fantastic lady who really cares about dogs and reward based training. Coco has come such a long way in gaining confidence and being a happy puppy with Charlotte’s guidance. Charlotte goes above and beyond with her advice and has supported us in helping Coco to socialise with other puppies. I highly recommend My Happy Dog, wish we had found her earlier!

    Shabnam & Coco, Puppy Socialisation & Puppy Home Training Programme

    My Happy Dog classes offer variety, fun and positive learning with a highly qualified and talented instructor.

    Sue & Theo, Dog Group Coaching, Private Coaching & FUNactivities

    I was so worried about going somewhere and being told to do something aversive/forceful with her! I was worried about how she would behave in a class environment and as I’m shy I was worried about being put on the spot for activities with people watching!

    Almost immediately at our first class all of my worries were forgotten. With the industry changing each day, it’s inspiring to see My Happy Dog at the forefront of it all, learning and adapting to the latest science-based methods and ideas.

    3 words to describe my happy dog are (extremely) passionate, inspiring and kind

    Ellie & Lola, Dog Group Coaching

    The teaching for both human and puppy has given us the knowledge and tools necessary to enjoy our new addition to the family. Fabulous, many thanks Charlotte

    Sarah & Bernie

    I was worried about looking an idiot and not knowing enough about my dog or training. I did have a bad experience prior to finding you which did not help. Stand out things about Charlotte, her

    Knowledge, confidence building, friendly

    Niki & Nelson

    I was worried that we would never be able to get through to Jeff because previous trainers were useless.

    Fun, friendly, confidence-building – in a relaxed small group setting

    Nicola & Jeff, Dog Group Coaching

    I was worried about not knowing enough about dog behaviour to choose a suitable trainer and that we were doing things wrong.

    We found the sessions encouraging, interesting and community

    Laura & Archie, Puppy & Dog Group Coaching Sessions

    We wanted someone that would be teaching modern methods, small groups and offer a variety of courses etc. My Happy Dog ticked all those boxes and many more.

    Our journey was supportive, knowledgeable and fun

    Liz & Freddie, Puppy & Dog Group Coaching & FUNactiviites

    we were worried that we wouldn’t choose the right trainer for our two very different dogs and that we’d not understand after all it was us that needed training. You are patient, knowledgeable and passionate.

    Adele & Smudge and Tinks

    We had a bad experience so were worried all trainers were the same – thank goodness that’s most definitely not the case! We were blown away by you in our first meeting – we are so grateful to have found you! You are Knowledgeable, positive, caring.

    Linda & Burth, Puppy & Dog Group Coaching Sessions

    We had a  bad experience before we found you. I was worried I would be judged for lack of previous training experience as Olive was already 2 when we came to you. 

    You were incredibly supportive, encouraging and judgement-free.

    Laura & Olive

    I’d had no previous experience of dog trainers so I don’t think I was worried at the time. I met you at Melbics and thought “shes lovely, let’s go to with her”. My worries came after. “How the heck am I going to remember all of this and why isn’t Teddy as patient as the other dogs. I still don’t remember everything all of the time but by keeping in touch I am reminded by you and the MHD community.

    Michelle & Teddy, Puppy & Dog Coaching Sessions

     We were unsure during training but Charlotte gave us the confidence and tools to succeed.

    We found Charlotte experienced, patient & caring

    Sue & Louie

    Even though I’d researched, read books, it still doesn’t prepare you for the challenges ahead. My first dog trainer only did one to one. Looking back given Bobby’s health history and his age, it was a mistake and it would have been better for him to be in a small group with other dogs rather than one to one training. I think if I could have found My Happy Dogs sooner, I wish that would have been the case.

    Charlotte is a good-communicator, fun and rewarding

    Jayne & Bobby, Puppy & Dog Coaching Sessions

    All I knew when I decided to get a dog I wanted to take her to train and did not know where or who to go too. I was so lucky to choose My Happy Dog and the best Trainer in Charlotte I have learnt so much, we found Charlotte Knowledgable, approachable & patient.

    Penny & Flo, Puppy Coaching Sessions & FUNactivities

    Sizes of classes; many of the local training courses(?) operate large groups which I do not agree with as dogs cannot concentrate in such an environment and their handlers/owners cannot get any useful amount of individual support.

    Training should be enjoyable and fun for both the dog and it’s handler/owner which is what My Happy Dog delivers, so “friendly, focussed and fun” would fit the bill

    Michael & Guiness, Puppy & Group Coaching Sessions

    I was worried we would fail not owning a dog before and having a child that never wanted anything but a dog for 9 years. I was worried it will be too expensive and a waste of money and we would end up breaking her heart. 

    The reality is; I was blown away after 5 mins of meeting you by how supportive you and knowledgeable and caring you were. My Happy Dog is definitely not a business is what I tell everyone I recommend, its love, caring, passion and support.

    Shereen & Darcy

    Honestly, I knew I was failing Seth and worried I would be judged. Would I be able to retain the information and keep up with the rest of the class. My Happy Dog approach is Compassionate, inspiring, awesome

    Sonya & Seth

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