puppy play is a skill not to be missed

⭐ Play ⭐

Play is super important not just for the amazing bond we have the potential to develop but also the way in which we get an insight to what really makes our puppies tick, what the like what they don’t what’s too much what’s not enough!

It can feel like a minefield, but here’s my TOP TIPS:

• Take the Pressure off for RULES, there are no RULES…..YET

• FIND a toy that really lights your puppies desire up, but doesn’t make them too giddy for learning

• Learn to identify their body language of when they’re enjoying v’s it’s too much (are they able to grab the toy still v’s they start to grab for clothes/hands)

• Make a log of what length of time is good for YOUR pup (before the biting escalates)

• End play with some gentle snuffling for some treats/food or a gentle massage

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