Project Description

WHAT: FUNdamental Life Skills covering all those essential LIFE SKILLS 

WHO: Mixed ages and abilities,  if you’re wanting to get to grips with the basics or further develop your skills, small groups ensure you’re always working to develop and strengthen your skills, we cover Life Skills and a big part of life is to have fun, so there’s some really fun and inspiring learning happening in every session. FUNdamental mixed ability is for those furry family members aged above 6 months and done some basic learning when you start, that may have completed the Kickstarter Course either in a group setting or working with me on a Private Coaching Package with My Happy Dog. If you’ve come from another training background that’s fine, let us have a chat and make sure that this unique offering is what works for you and your dog. 

WHY: Training doesn’t and shouldn’t stop because of current restrictions with COVID 19.

BENEFITS: Covering all general Life Skills behaviours throughout these sessions, building your confidence through the unique FUNdamentals Life Skills Training Programme which you will learn more about throughout your journey with My Happy Dog.

  • Calmness – helping you understand how to create a calm puppy.
  • Safety – key learning about staying safe
  • Impulse & Self Control – very important learning for your puppy to have patience.
  • Focus Fun – getting a puppy to learn to value you
  • Confidence & Optimism – a wonderful skill that will provide your puppy with a lifetime of happiness

We build on the skills and work towards a grading set by My Happy Dog Training & Behaviour School which falls in line with the IMDT & ADPT grading.

Skills for:-

  • Walking together on the Lead
  • Come when called
  • Settle on a bed
  • Basic Positions for Focus & Fitness
  • Stay & Wait
  • Manners around food & people
  • Safety cues for leaving things
  • Positive Play Manners

Learn skills that cover the FUNdamentals to you being the best team when taking your puppy or dog into the Big Wide World, FUNdamentals form part of the ongoing  FUNdamental Awards Scheme with My Happy Dog, where you will work on key Skills that enhance Calmness & Confidence for both ends of the lead.