Project Description

WHAT: Dog FUNActivities offer a range of fun and focused workshop group sessions. 

WHO: Puppies & Adult Dogs will benefit from these sessions. We focus on building relationships through focused training.

WHY: Engaging and Understanding your dogs comes through spending time with your dog, having fun with your dog and being their champion. Working together through Dog FUNActivities brings a whole new bond and connection. FUNActivities offers a range of sessions from Scentwork, Trick Training, Agility and Parkour for Dogs. Check out the timetable to what is on offer to suit your diary. 


Are you a dog owner that just can’t get the balance right, been to dog training classes and still something not quite going to plan, any of these sound familiar?

  • Lack of Focus from your Dogs
  • Overexcited and a little bit crazy at times dog owner
  • Finds everything else exciting
  • Worried about new or novel things
  • Can bark and anything and anyone
  • Afraid of being on their own

Sound familiar, then FUNActivities will be something to really get you and your dog back on track.