It’s that time of year, holidays are booked and if like me, that means that I get to spend my time off with the most important people in my life, yes and the husband gets to come along too!!!!

When getting all my holiday stuff together, here’s what is always on my Holiday Essentials list for my dog.

  • Car seat belt for Dogs – This should always be in the car anyway but harnessing your dog while travelling is the safest way to travel if your boot is as pack as mine, otherwise a travel cage is a great option.
  • Travel Cage for Dogs – It’s important that Rew feels like it’s home from home, he has always been well socialised about travelling and sleeping in different places, but biggest thing that helps this, I personally believe is his travel cage for sleeping in new environments. In the car I have a Trans K9 transport system that fits into my car..
  • Dog Bedding – To make the Travel Cage cosy I make sure I have plenty of blankets, depending on how long I’m away for, with lots more walking etc, clean bedding is essential.
  • Dog Water & Food Bowl – Again just Rew feels comfortable I have a set of bowls that I travel with to which he is used to, I introduced them to him at home, so it isn’t a shock when away from home.
  • Dog Travel Water Bottle – Rew has a bottle that I always carry in the car anyway which I take away with us for long walks and days on the beach.
  • Dicky Bag (Dog poop bag holder) – I will always carry with me the Dinky Bag on long walks, or walks I know I’m not going to see poo bins at any point, it’s a great invention from a British Guy who make a little bag out of Neoprene, find out more about the Dicky Bag
  • Long Line for those times you’re not 100% confident about taking your dog off lead.
  • Equafleece – to keep Rew warm and dry I find these coats are a great addition to my kit.
  • Drying Robe – I have 2 different makes, both good, they are great from just coming off the beach or after a long muddy walk in the mountains. 
  • Wild Wash Paw Balm – If Rew has been in and out of water and then hiking, I do protect his paws with this lovely smelling paw balm.
  • Dog First Aid Kit – An important part of travel and especially if you go off on long walks is to be prepared, I found this company great.


  • Dog Toys & Balls – For Rew a part of his day, even on holiday and despite sometimes lengthy walks, he loves play time, I always encourage a positive play session, it’s a great way to bond, it reinforces manners and will mentally stimulate them.
  • Icalm for Dogs – If we’re camping and the noises are not quite helping Rew settle, I will play his dog music on his Icalm, if you want to know more about this product please take a look here 
  • Tick Remover – I carry this with me in my Furst Aid Kit when away from home, it’s a great tool for removing those nasty ticks from your dog. Find out more about tick removers


  • Dog Towels – Always need a supply of dog towels in this country, either because of the wet weather, early morning dew or the beach, so plenty of super absorbent towels to dry your dog off properly.
  • Dog Eau De Toilette – We all like to look and feel good on holiday, so I will make sure Rew’s Coat is in tip top condition with a nice bath before we leave, then keep him smelling lovely he’ll get a spritz of his favourite smell from his Pamper Package.

With everything packed up in his bag, Rew is always happy to travel as from a Puppy we’ve taken him on long journeys, we take regular stops for toilet breaks and just to break up the journey, we will always travel early morning or late evening in the summer months to avoid the heat of the day.

Hope you have some Happy Holiday time with your little pups, family holidays are the best, make sure all the obvious things are covered too, like your identity tag on their collar, suitable lead, plenty of poop bags, microchip your pups, insurance for you pup, make sure you’ve already got the local Vets number in your phone just incase of an emergency.

If like us you do lots of walking, respect the local farmers cattle, coastal walks I always keep Rew on the lead, just in case! Make sure you take note of beach restrictions as the UK are quite strict now.

Finally Have a Happy Holiday from Rew & me…..

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