How does my dog feel?

One thing I will help my teams work on is understanding how our dogs are feeling.  The thing we should strive to understand is to know how they feel.  It helps us know how to adjust things. how to set things up in future and most importantly how to support them in those moments. Their body language will help us understand in that moment how they are feeling :

? How they may be perceiving the world so you can support and guide them in the way they need.

? Their ability to process information and learn so we know if it’s too much or you can carry on.

? Their take away learning from a situation so we can reflect on ways to improve.

? Their ability to settle will help us understand so much about how they are feeling.

? Their appetite, can they take treats when they normally can, even how they take the treats tells us so much.

? How much they can cope with so we can make adjustments for next time.

? Even their tolerance to things that don’t normally concern them this can indicate something isn’t feeling quite right.

What Makes an Epic Parent?

We can learn to listen more, by that I don’t mean to how much they bark, but how they can communicate and show their feelings.

Their language speaks volumes if you choose to listen….

• We can learn about different barks

• We can learn about how our dogs gait changes in different environments

• We can learn about how out dogs body tension will change when they spot a critter

• We can learn about what they look like when they’ve caught the sniff of something good in the undergrowth

When we choose to tap in and understand what’s going on, we can respond in the way relevant to our dogs skills at that time.

Let’s be an Epic Parent, learn what we can to make sure we know how they feel and support them in the best way we can.

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