Distance is your friend, this is a mantra I like to give my teams as they are working on new skills. Every learner will have their limits on what they can and can’t cope with. As Epic Parents, we want to be able to spot what those limits are.
For puppies, it can be quite limiting and it’s important to gauge how your puppy feels by their body language so I know how my pup feels, read more on this HERE
Particularly for puppy’s there is so much for a developing pup to take in when out & about.  They have so much going on for them including hormones raging, aches and pains possibly and to top all that we know brain development actually interfers with their ability to think 🤔
Here’s my top 10 tips on “Distance is YOUR friend” as you will help any learner by:
• Creating space where your pup can make good choices
• Learning is more effective so they can flourish in that moment and enjoy the experience.
• Less overwhelm will help overall impact on your pup’s ability to settle after a walk.
• It’s easier to practice disengaging from a distance
• Socialisation doesn’t just happen when your pup is completely engulfed by an experience.
I encourage you to have empathy during any time of learning new skills, during this time we need to support, guide and enjoy each other, learn together, thrive together and be together.
Happy Adventures with Happy Dogs.