What does a nice walk look like to you?

For some people they don’t have any preference when lead walking for where the dog needs to be as long as the lead is loose, I like my arm in the socket. While others prefer to have their dog next to them or never forge ahead of them. There is no right or wrong. In this instance, it comes down to personal preference. Some factors to consider are the purpose of the walk, where the walk will take place and your dog’s size.

If you let your dog off the lead, how far away from you may depend on so many factors, too many for an Instagram post.

The key thing is, it feels right for you and your dog, if you’re enjoying your walks together, that is the main thing as long as you are both comfortable, not in any pain or at risk of injury then keep doing what feels nice to you, if you are feeling like more could be improved, then try to take some steps towards what that may look like for you.

Connection is key, understanding what may feel like something your dog should do naturally, be that walk with you without pulling or coming back when you call, may just be too much for many reasons.
Try also to understand what may be preventing the desired ‘nice’ walk from happening, is it really just training? could there be more I could do to connect with my dog by understanding how your dog feels when they step out of the house, car, or into a field!

The more we know, the more we can support and guide our amazing dogs.

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