What is best for my dog in the heat?

When the temperature starts to rise, it’s important to consider if your dog really needs that walk.

IF your dog does need a good run in the morning, especially those with a high energy dog, as living with a dog who’s needs aren’t met can be a challenge! I have some great advice for all below.

If we have had many days where the heat has stayed high, some mornings it’s best to avoid completely or get up even earlier than early o’clock.

Let’s face it, not all dogs are up with the larks! then you may want to choose your location of a walk to be a nice cool walk through some woods, where sniffing is the name of the game. Keep your high energy dog on a long line if they find that kind of environment too tempting and just want to go running at high speed to hunt.

Remember they are not as efficient as we are at regulating their temperature, or like me, your not very good at it either.


• Plan your days well, if you have a HIGH energy dog a good walk is something your dog still NEEDS then make sure you are up EARLY and drastically reduce the amount of high activity they are participating in. For example if usually has an hour free running at high level of activity this may be reduced to 10-15 mins and will be followed by very low activity cool down session.

• Replace high activity session with more detailed search and sniff out a toy for added stimulation that is LOW activity.

• Work on some training games whilst out to encourage slow and steady movement but still exhilarating.

• Understand and expect your dog to be a little more lethargic than usual.

• Provide plenty of cool options to rest and recover from their walk.

• Provide plenty of fresh cool water for your dog, changing regularly throughout the day.

• Your dog may not be quite so eager for their food unless you have a labrador !

• Car travel can be too much, remember your boot won’t be as cool as the feeling you have with the ❄️❄️ Air Con❄️❄️ in your face.

• Sniffing whilst having a leisurely stroll can be such a wonderfully calming activity for your dog without having to race around to tire out your pupster.

If you’ve done some scent work training or even if your dog just loves to FIND things, this again is a great way to give your dog plenty to do without physically exerting themselves or risking any overheating.

If you’re interested in any Scent Work, I have a lovely little MasterClass for entry-level into the world of adventure scentwork,  with this series for Give a Dog a Job you can access resources all online which can be worked on at home with you and your dog, check out my Master Class HERE

Enjoy your day and stay cool.