Recall Training


Recalling a Rebel, we’ve all been there, heart in our mouth as we hope that our dogs respond, you know what a mean…. especially if like me, you’re super sensitive to wanting to do the best, or the walk we wished we’d not gone out for 😕

It’s particularly hard during adolescents as the brain is doing a marvelous job at forming and preparing for adulthood and there is actually a period where their risk taking will increase which is great and as long as we are aware of these changes and prepared for those periods of increased mischief 🤪 it’s worth noting that during this time it’s most likely that all your hard work on self-control has got up and left, or so it feels (but if you’ve worked hard on this area, it will return) for me this period is where management stays in place a little longer, for management consists of secure environments like hired fields or larger gardens and then my long line.

If I’ve not hired anywhere I still choose my environments to suit the day we are having.

When away, this can be a challenge but I always ensure my teams understand what they are looking for and how to develop a recall that works. But here’s a few initial suggestions:

🐾 Understand what setting up for success is for you and your dog.

🐾 Read body Language of your dog to help you know how they are coping with the environment.

🐾 Enjoy the process of finding out what motivates YOUR pup.

🐾Go at YOUR own pace, there is no competition other than the environment 🥴🤪

🐾 Build YOUR confidence by getting really good at all of the above.

🐾 Be KIND to yourself, it can be a hard slog, especially with any dogs that love to run, chase and generally be little rascals, but with a commitment to invest in the right approach for you BOTH you’ll get there 😀 I believe in you.

If you are wanting more off-lead Joy for you both, that’s right I train you too, then pop me a message as I’d love to chat to you.