šŸŒŸReal-Life Skills for PuppiesšŸŒŸ
Helping your puppy learn about the world takes more than you’d like for a lot of puppies, some are fairly easy going and you can breeze through what you feel is Puppy Training, but I like to help people understand a little bit more than SIT, DOWN, STAY I like to create Real-Life Skills, the ones that get us through the day, the reasons behind puppy biting, the way your communicate with each other, the skills that help your puppy problem solve, I help understand the need to help your puppy regulate their emotions, I love to see creative and optimistic learners feel novelty is a thing to investigate, it’s part of the joy of sharing someone’s journey through a puppies development.
I’ve worked hard to continue to learn from the best in the industry so I can share that with my clients and help them understand how wonderful the world of canine understanding is progressing.
If you’d like me to support you, guide you and provide you with the tools to help your puppy adjust to YOUR real life, let’s chat, I’d love to share my programmes with you and how we can help you create the Real Life skills that make a difference with my Private Coaching Programmes.
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