Puppy Play ~ The Do’s & Do Not’s


So Puppy likes to play… Yeeeahhh. Puppy likes to chew?… Yeeeahhhhh. Puppy likes to bite? Yeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhh. Well, these are all things that puppies love to do and it’s our mission as responsible pet owners to guide them to do it in an appropriate manner!

So puppy play. What I love about seeing puppies play is that they are so full of expression and conversation it’s sometimes hard to keep up. So to ensure you keep puppy safe and confident about their playability there are some top tips that can help you.


  1. Keep puppy play in small groups
  2. Make sure the puppies are similar, not only in size but in etiquette too
  3. Ensure that sessions are short
  4. Always make the play a positive experience
  5. Watch carefully for any subtle signs that the puppy is feeling uncomfortable.


  1. Allow puppies off the lead until you’re sure of their play etiquette
  2. Allow any puppy to be bullied – it has to be a positive experience remember
  3. Take your eyes off the puppy play
  4. Over use their name to get them out of a situation, just intervene and take your puppy away (this is why keeping leads on will help)
  5. Force a dog to play; encourage using positive reassurance.

I think that understanding canine body language is key to ensuring that puppy play remains safe and that they only take positive feelings away from the experience.

Allowing your dog to build confidence through positive experiences will mean your puppy will grow and develop into a healthy, happy dog.