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What: Private Coaching Sessions available for a range of struggles like

Worried around Strangers/Dogs

Barking around the home or outdoors

Jumping up at people

Walking Nicely on the Lead

Coming When Called

Over Excited

Why: Private Coaching deals with you and your dogs struggle with all my time dedicated to you. Working on a Plan of Action using our award-winning formula of success, the 3 L’s programme. We want your dog to feel happy, content and not feel like they can’t cope or that you feel overwhelmed with their current behaviour.

How : Booking a programme to help you get started, there are a range of Packages to choose on depending on the level of coaching wanted:-

Kickstarter  –

As part of a Kickstarter Bundle, this 1st session lasting 90 mins allows us to kickstart your learning with

the FUN sessions of Life Skills. Payment required for all aspects of the Kickstarter Bundle which includes 

Pre Consult Questionnaire 

1 x 90 min Private Coaching 

3 x 45 min Private Coaching 

Training Support Booklet 

Training Toolkit 


Troubleshooter  –

Ultimate  –


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