You will hear me often say “Calmness is King” and it’s one the most beneficial things I learned many moons ago on my journey with Rew Bear and was a complete game changer for us as a team.

When comes to our dog’s skills, the first thing to be really honest with yourself is the overall calmness of our dogs.

At that moment when we feel our pup is just being a problem, I want you to try to remember your dog isn’t being difficult, they are just finding things difficult.

That can look like reacting to someone who’s walked into the coffee shop you’re sitting in.

It may be overreacting to a horse trotting by on the lane you’re walking.

Or maybe the smell of a squirrel that just moments before walked the path you’re now on.

These moments can be just too much at that moment in time for your pup.

Our gift is the gift that keeps giving. The gift of skills that can make these moments less difficult for our dogs..

There’s never a bad moment to give a gift.

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