⭐Calmness is KING⭐
Look how cute Diggory looks ?, I was sooooo proud of him this weekend, a big family party with activities galore, ball games, lawn games, trampoline and ping pong going off all around us. Diggory was super chilled and settled in the shade with a bone.
We had food and he remained on his mat, this was a new concept for him as people were eating very close to him but his manners and choices were amazing.
I always wanted a dog that can come everywhere and do everything we do, this is a big ask as not all dogs would cope with this.
Shaping skills and resilience takes more than training, it’s a way of life, it’s a deep understanding and connection to the pup in front of you. If like me you feel a connection that wants you to support your dog and thrive at life, then the greatest gift you can give them is to understand them and learn how they perceive their world you’ve invited them to share with you.
Skills of Life, our life goes way beyond a class or 2 and why I now only work privately with my Pet Parents, this fully supportive offering allows everyone to learn about THEIR pup.
If you’d like to speak to me about how you can live the best life together, let’s book a Connection Call ?   ☺
Have a great day.
??Charlotte & Diggory ?