Gate Manners

This is a MUST for me, I want any door, gate or stile on my walk to have a level of manners, by that, I mean stillness and patience whilst our dogs waits for the next detail of what happens next. Otherwise my heart is in my mouth, you know the feeling right?

Why is this important –

🐾 Safety, so many reasons for safety including the fact you never know what distractions are beyond that gate! 🐑🐎🐓

🐾 Encourages your dog to engage with you, all eyes on me please 👀

🐾 Moment to pause and offer some stillness as they maybe wait for others to pass through the exit, offer a drink to your dog, not the passerby, well you could if you had enough 😉

There are many reasons, but this one is worth investing time in to get right.

How I developed it:

🐾 On a long line, first practice at every gate/style some stillness and check-ins

🐾 Teach a STOP cue and build up to work at a distance. Put a plan together to move it out and about.

🐾 Build a really reliable WAIT in many different environments to proof it.

Once all the above were solid, you can start to put altogether out and about. Consistency is key, so whilst working on all the different elements, practice on a long line.

If you need help putting a plan together, get in contact and we can talk all things adventure for you and your happy dog 🐾🐾 if you haven’t yet heard about My Happy Place, you can find out more by registering HERE 

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