🌟Husbandry Skills🌟

What is this you ask….. well no, it’s not to do with your husband but it is about handling our dogs, and in true alignment with My Happy Dog & Me it will always be carried out with no force or intimidating processes.

Adventures with your dog will hopefully always be safe and accident-free, but it doesn’t need to be anything catastrophic for it to feel like an event, let’s think about thorns for instance, if your dog encounters a thorn in the pad, firstly it can bring your dog a lot of pain and if your able or need to continue on with your adventure the thorn can become quite embedded.

Handling your dog is a must to extract the said thorn and may require you to hold their paw still for you to be able to locate it and then extract itΒ πŸ˜’.

For me handling exercises are a must, helping your dog feel ok and tolerating it is a super skill, ok it’s a push to say they’re gonna love it, but we can do our best to ensure safe and comfortable handling.

If you’re in the Happy Hub, this month our theme this month is handling with confidence for both dog and their human.

Picture of Diggory settling on his Magic Mat, I take this everywhere and train my Handling Skills on a mat so we have a clear way of communicating when he may be a little upset due to an injury happening on an adventure that I need to investigate.

Happy Adventures everypawdy 🐾