Course Description

WHAT: Calm & Confident puppies is a passion of mine, at these sessions it can be a stand alone course or to bolt onto your current puppy training, it will facilitate your understanding of your puppy it is for early developmental learning, social interactions in a safe, calm & controlled environment.

WHO: Puppies that have had their first injections, aged between 8-20 weeks old. 

WHY: Giving your puppy an introduction to exploring new textures and objects, experiencing new things and exposure to other puppies at this young age has been proven to have a great impact on positive pairings, creating a resilient learner and an optimistic outlook on life. Building a true understanding for Calmness and how to build confidence throughout this course. 


Covering a range of time-sensitive subjects and giving new puppy parents a more confident outlook on understanding what their puppy needs from them at this early stage.

  • Calmness – helping you understand how to create a calm puppy.
  • Staying Safe – Learning about keeping your young puppy feeling safe
  • Confidence & Optimism – a wonderful skill that will provide your puppy with a lifetime of happiness by exploring new things and experiences.

By attending these sessions, they allow us to expose puppy in a safe and controlled way to new experiences, you will learn about how to communicate effectively and what your puppy needs from you during this time-sensitive period. Those committed to wanting to help their new puppy learn and support them at this time senstive period will excel on this course. I will be there to coach you and guide you and your puppy through this first introduction to learning.