WHAT: FUNdamental Life Skills Classes covering all those essential LIFE SKILLS 

WHO: Tenacious Teenagers are for those aged 24 weeks up to 18 months old, that may have completed your Kickstarter course with myself or another training school. 

WHY: Training doesn’t and shouldn’t stop after completing your puppy course, your puppy classes should be an introduction to your puppy learning and having a wonderful experience of how to use their brain. These sessions focus on our Troublesome Teenagers but can be mixed up with standard FUNdamental Sessions. 

BENEFITS: We will focus heavily on what will help out Troublesome Teenagers on a rolling programme, this allows more flexibility for you and your family or with added intensity by attending more than 1 session a week. Life Skills covered include: 

  • Walking Nicely on the Lead
  • Come when called
  • Settle on bed
  • Basic Positions
  • Stay & Wait
  • Manners around food & people
  • Safety cues for leaving things
  • Positive Play Manners

Learn skills that cover the FUNdamentals to you being the best team when taking your puppy into the Big Wide World, FUNdamentals form part of the ongoing  FUNdamental Awards Scheme with My Happy Dog, where you will work on key Skills

  • Calmness
  • Safety
  • Impulse & Self Control
  • Focus Fun
  • Confidence & Optimism
  • Reliability


Covering all general puppy behaviours throughout this course, building your confidence through the 3 L‘s Training Programme which you will learn more about throughout your journey with My Happy Dog and the Puppy Club.

We build on the skills and work towards a grading set by My Happy Dog Training & Behaviour School which falls in line with the IMDT & ADPT grading. These sessions will help you work towards your grading.