Have you got one? You know where I’m coming from….

• Gone deaf….
• Super confident and running off
• Bit of a Kevin at times….
• Missing your little dependent puppy?

I know and I hear it lots, great news, there are ways and means that can reel out pups back in and help get through and possibly even thrive through, what can feel for both of you, a pretty difficult time.

?Be preapred to support and guide your pupster through this development stage and with lots understanding you’ll both be back on track before you know it.

?Keep training FUN and light and not expecting too much from any situation but in particular any new or novel experiences.

?Revist everything that you both loved learning about in the early days of getting your pup.

?Find a community to support you through this stage so you don’t feel alone.

For guidance on all the above and more, let’s have a chat and I can talk you through all the different support programmes I have.

Don’t delay get in touch today ? (see what I did there! Poet and didn’t know it!? )