Puppy Parenting Programme

Nurturing your puppy in a natural, kind and positive manner should be top of your list to ensure your puppy has the perfect start in life. As an Accredited Institute of Modern Dog Trainer I offer a range of Puppy Parenting Programmes and bespoke guidance for you and your puppy, starting from when you’ve chosen Puppy, I will then guide you through their key development stages and then work with you right up to when Puppy is 12 weeks’ old. I also offer a complimentary range of Puppy Parenting Sessions in Solihull and the West Midlands. There is more details on these group classes here

Why choose a Puppy Parenting Programme

It’s important that you’re aware of what the development of your puppy entails and what is required of you to guide and nurture your puppy in the right way. Most people aren’t aware that research and development in the past couple of years has given us an even greater understanding of how our dogs develop, both physically and emotionally. New findings support the need for Puppy to have had positive experiences and suitable guidance in order to be ready to take on the world and to help develop their brain mass dramatically in the first 16 weeks of Puppy's life. Findings also show that early nurturing and socialisation help to avoid problem behaviours later in a dog's life.

As part of your Puppy Parenting Programme you’ll receive some fabulous guidance to ensure your puppy can develop successfully, using natural, kind and positive methods. You can also expect full clarity on what your puppy will be thinking and feeling as they grow through their key development stages.

Not only will you leave your Programme feeling calm and confident yourself, but your puppy will be set up for their life ahead, what better way to give them the best start in life.

At this exciting, but proven stressful time, being prepared is key. The Exclusive Puppy Parenting Programmes is designed to allow you to fully enjoy the moment and for Puppy to flourish with your guidance from  your own Puppy Parent Coach. I will design a programme suitable for you and your home/work life making sure all areas are covered in such a short space of time. 


Preparing for Puppy Consultation

0-8 weeks old £60
You’ll be amazed what needs to be arranged before Puppy arrives. We'll not only help identify everything that your home and family need to have in place before your new arrival, but also help you to understand why.

My Happy Homecoming Puppy

8-12 weeks old £75
Making your first couple of weeks, stress free with focus on nurturing your puppy to adjusting in their new home

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Behaviour Modification Programme Teddy

Thanks Charlotte, fist time ever Teddy is actually chilling in the lounge.

Donna & Teddy