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I'm very excited to annouce that My Happy Dog Training & Behaviour School now offers Talking Dogs Rally®, for those who don't know what Rally is here's a little intro....

Launched in 2010, Talking Dogs Rally® is the only canine rally organisation in the UK specifically devised for pet dogs and their people with a core value of allowing natural not stylised movement and maintaining balance throughout the courses where dogs work on both the left and right sides.
Talking Dogs version brings fun, practical challenges to teams who love the structure the sport provides in helping them learn and practice everyday skills. Starting with 200 points, and aiming to lose as few points as they can, teams perform practical exercises (stations) set out in a numbered course. 
Talking Dogs Rally® is fun for all, welcoming handlers of all ages and abilities, and dogs both mongrel and pedigree. Uniquely, Talking Dogs Rally® allows teams to compete against their own previous scores rather than against each other. With 93 different exercises, six levels of challenge, eight different classes and an infinite combination of stations, Talking Dogs Rally® will keep you and your dog busy for years to come.

I've been running a few sessions and they've been loved by My Happy Dog regular members.

Classes run on a Sunday, check out the availablity and book HERE

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