How to Build Bonds with your Dog

Building Bonds with your Dog

We're so blessed to be able to share are fun packed lives with are furry friends, that saying sometimes things don't go quite to plan when puppies and dogs develop skills that they've enhanced themselves..... I call this going sell employed, what I refer to is the behavioural change we see from the dog wanting to be with us and enjoy doing things together, to finding their own mishcheif and creating mayhem, be that digging in the garden, chewing furniture or not returning to you in the park, you're not alone and you won't first owner to say, my dog goes deaf!!! and in a way that's effectively what happens.

Helping you find out what can help you and your dog work more effectively together is what I mean by Building a Bond, any relationship needs an awareness of how I can help that other person/animal feel valued and respected. This confidence in each other can help you and your dog develop skills that help solidify an abundant connection, that flows through knowledge and understanding of each others needs. 

My Happy Dog was created to be different, I know most people are conditioned to have their dog 'TRAINED' therefore they look for a 'TRAINER' and indeed I've done courses and gain valuable qualifications to label me as a 'TRAINER' but having a dog in your life isn't about Dog and Owner, it's about a relationship built on love and respect, kindness and support through the good times and the bad, I coach people to live with a pet compainion, guide them to develop thier skills for Canine Contentment, sharing your life with a dog, it's just like having another being to look after and I would say just as precious that we look after their emotional state and well being.

Very often people refer to their dogs as fur kids and furbabies, yes and I'm one of them, my parenting skills strive to help keep him safe, warm, well fed, lovely place to rest, with a choice of areas to sleep, I prepare him for the outside world, allow him to be socially safe to integrate into the world around him, that he's resillent to the ever changing, fast paced world we live in and we've chosen to expose are dogs to. 

I do strongly believe that with your dogs emotions at the forefront of your responsibilities  you can help your dog be the contented pet companion you're looking for, even if you're then exposing them to become elite athletes in their past time, ie Agility, Fly Ball, Gun Dog training, advanced obedience they still have emotional needs and will excel when their needs are met to compete in those chosen fields, they still need to be an emtionally resilient individual to maintain being that strong athlete.... 

Building Bonds isn't just about attending classes, although these can be a really fun way to enjoy your dog and learn about your dog, but it's about being able to connect and have fluid understanding of what your dog needs from you, being mindful to do things differently and challenge what you've been taught up to this very moment.

This weekend we attending a big dog event down in Devon and we were part of an attempt to break a World Record for the 'BIG SIT' yes you read right SIT not S**T,  I was looking forward to it, but also a tad apprehensive, as Rew hadn't experienced anything like this in his 6 years I've had him, he can find high energy dogs overwhelming including puppies so this I knew might be a challenge for him but I was all eyes on him to make sure he was always happy and always had the oppotunity to retreat at any time, I allowed him to make choices, I maintained a nice loose lead, he knew he'd be listened, as we exercise this on a daily basis. All this communication and dedication to him resulted in us having the best afternoon and he proved to me, that with clear communication, trust and respect, he felt free to tell me his limits, he's abiltiy to speak clearly is wonderful and that fact I can help him out allowed him to enjoy the whole event and completing are 30 second sit surround by big dogs and loud noises, I was the proudest furmum there, but it was team work, mutual trust and respect allowed the communication to flow effortlesly between us.

How Building Bonds with your Dog

  • Investment of time and energy to get know your dog.
  • Learn how they tell you enough is enough.
  • Learn to give them time to think things through, for some dogs this is only possilbe when they're far enough away from the thing that worries them. 
  • Do fun things together rather than your dog going self employed
  • Learn some fun tricks
  • Learn how to communicate etically & effectively 

I do offer Coaching Courses on a One to One basis along with weekly group fun based sessions to find out more & book press Here

Creating Canine Contentmnet is my mission, if you're looking for ways to do this, whatever age of your dog, there are ways to make the most of your time together ensure that all methods are Natural, Kind & Positive 

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