I’m Charlotte Steele from Solihull and I have a passion and enthusiasm towards animals, but particularly dogs. As the Head Canine Consultant for My Happy Dog I’m on a personal mission to promote ethical handling, providing every new Puppy Parent and Canine Carer with the fundamental knowledge and skills they need, with an essential 'Tool Kit' of skills I feel will set them up as foundations for all their training ahead of them.

All training is using Positive, Motivating and Ethical Training methods, so are Natural, Kind and Supportive allowing the dogs to feel good about being handled by you and that you're working in a way your dog wants to do more and more.

 I am a fully qualified Puppy Trainer and Dog Trainer in Solihull, Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

My love of all things canine

I have to admit that I’m a bit of a science geek and spent the first part of my career chasing a dream that always interested me, engineering. My passion to understand 'what made that building work beneath those amazing aesthetics' isn’t too far away from why I love animals too... underneath the surface there’s a whole world of information that we’re only now starting to discover, appreciate and understand.

My interest in canine psychology excelled when I got my first puppy, Rew, as an adult. Science, a love of mine, had unveiled so many amazing findings in recent years of how our dogs think and feel that to be honest I was overwhelmed with how much was expected from me and what a huge responsibility I now had to help this bundle of fluff get to grips with his new world.

With my little Rew taking on his new world, combined with my passion to learn and understand how he perceives the world around him, I decided to study more, including a Diplomia in Canine Psychology, Canine Nutrition, Dog Grooming, and Anatomy and Physiology. With my City & Guilds in Dog Grooming, handling so many dogs each day proved to be a great learning experience. With my ever-growing passion for psychology, I could see first hand how good their communication skills were and how much they were desperately trying to express how they felt and trying to communicate in the only way they know, but these subtle signs weren't always seen or heard. It really broke my heart at times.

All this gave me the drive to want to do more to help dogs be understood, which is where my vision for promoting responsible dog ownership in a natural, kind and positive way was born.

With ongoing commitment to be the most up to date with all the fast paced movement in the Canine world of behaviour & training, I'm proud to be an Accredited Full Member of the Insitute of Modern Dog Trainers, a Full Member of the Assoication of Pet Dog Trainers, I'm also an Approved Trainer for the Charity Veterans With Dogs, where we train and support Assistance Dogs for Veterans with PTSD, I'm always committing my time to lots of ongoing conferences, seminars, talks and practical courses to help all Puppy & Dog owners with their journey in the Canine World. I have also an ONC qualification in Principles in Dog Training & Behaviour, Puppy Instructors Course with Sarah Whitehead along with many courses on Practical Solutions like Recall, Loose Lead, Fun Classes and many more. With my ongoing commitment on my Behavioural Work I've attended many International Behaviourist Conferences and Seminars working towards being the best all round Professional I can be. 

My Happy Dog

My Happy Dog is on a mission to promote ethical dog handling, which we strongly believe begins with helping puppies and puppy parents, with a unique offering of Puppy Parenting Programmes you can start your journey as a Puppy Parent in the right way.

With My Happy Dog you gain all the skills you need to become the puppy parent that you desire to be, helping you to nurture your puppy in a natural, kind and positive way.

Our Puppy Traininng Programmes will give you the confidence and support to allow your puppy to develop in the most (proven) effective way, while still allowing your puppy to experience and explore the world within the boundaries you set. This all helps to ensure that all learning experiences are positive and help Puppy to gain confidence in a calm and consistent way, resulting in a puppy that can develop into adulthood having the fundamental learnt behaviour built in to them, allowing your continual training to be worked on with confidence that your dog is a Happy Dog.

With the Dog Training Programme, you may be new to training or you are wishing to progress your training from the Puppy Training Programme, we have a range of solutions for your Dog Training in Solihull and the West Midlands included a well structere and fun way to progress you and your dog whilst having fun, these outdoor classes will combine Low Impact Agility, Behaviour and Companion Pet Training to form skills to work towards the IMDT Partnership Grading. 

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